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    Real Name:

    How old are you?

    Where are you from?

    Class / Spec: Realmplayers link (if any) :
    SM/Ruin or DS/Ruin. Currently in my 50s at the moment so realmplayers link isn’t much use.

    Interface screenshot:

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    Are you able to attend to 90% of the raid days? 19:30 – 23:30 (CET) SUNDAY – MONDAY
    Yes can also stay later if you extend a raid night.

    At what times do you usually play during the day?
    14:00 onward normally

    What did you achieve in WoW so far? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)
    Missed vanilla when it was in live as I just started playing a couple of months before the TBC launch and was leveling. During BC I made it into black temple and managed to kill a few bosses, I would be lying if I said I remembered which ones although I did have a few t6 items. Cleared tbc apart from BT and sunwell. Again with wotlk farmed everything apart from Ruby Sanctum, naxx,uld icc etc some server first kills and HC kills also. (HC kills meaning todays mythic as such) As much as I hated cata I still done the normal content, done alot of pvp this expansion hitting some high ranks my with mage. Durning mop done all curve achievements, garrosh hc pre nerf and then boosted garrosh runs for the remainder of the xpac. Played WoD for a couple of months all I focused on this expansion was world of logs (yes Im a dps whore) ranked pretty well in several fights. Played legion for couple of weeks and got bored of the “RNG” tired of running mythics+ and not being able to play an alt overall its just getting further away from the game I once loved.

    Also played on the old Nost PvP sever with two 60 characters. Cleared MC, Ony, ZG and a couple of bosses into bwl. My focus is on the new server and will be for a long time, I badly want to clear this expansion as I would feel really rewarded as I had missed it in Live, and lets be honest, its the best version of them all.

    Retrowow lul played alot of this when the servers shutdown alot of pvp on various classes.

    What is your proudest moment in WoW?
    Getting my netherwing drake back in TBC.

    Past Guilds (if any) and why did you leave? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)
    theDust – TBC played with these guys up until wotlk great bunch of people and to this day still talk to a friend of mine I met with them. Left due to realm transfer in wotlk with the talked about friend.

    Shadow Ryders – Farmed wotlk with these guys and some of cata best guild Ive ever been in, very competitive and stressful raid times and hours forced me to leave. These guys eventually split up and most members joined Scrubbusters now ranked 7th in the world.

    Mop onwards I’ve been in and out guilds mostly semi hardcore and honestly I’ve forgotten some of the names too mention a quick few It would be innominate,Hey im Avg, Lithic and my last guild on live Once Again – Kazzak EU.

    Elysium – Oblivion nice knowledgeable players but due to an incident with the guild leader things have frozen and the guild seems to be going nowhere, I plan on being 60 and raid ready within 2 weeks but I dont think they will be ready to raid within that time.

    What sets you apart from the rest?
    I’m always trying to get one step ahead and better myself and my guild…and I have orc arms Irl.

    Would you be interested in rerolling to another class to join Metastasis if we don’t need your current class?
    As of the moment no, But I do plan on spending a lot of time on this server and have various classes I want to play at max level.

    Which one would that be?

    How experienced are you with that one?
    No experience in vanilla with any of the above classes.

    Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character?
    Outside gaming I’m an out and out petrol head love my cars full time job as a mechanic. Do various track days at the weekend and my fuel bills are higher than my monthly food bill and I wash car parts in my dishwasher. Play some FPS games casually from time to time but my priority is vanilla wow. Recently unsubbed from retail as the game is no longer enjoyable for me anymore.

    Do you have any extra talents that could benefit Metastasis?
    I can explain boss mechanics pretty well and have a good experience in pvp if someone is needing some help.

    Add more info about yourself:


    Contact information:
    Discord name:

    In-game name:


    Additional information:
    Do you have working microphone?

    Are you active outside of the game ?(Discord and forums)
    Yes I enjoy keeping up to date with guild websites if its active and have discord on my mobile phone.

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    We can accept you as social (Oblivion guild Social) until you are Pre-raid BiS, then you can have a shot on raid, don’t expect guaranteed spot.
    Contact me (Vesperwin) if you are interested in such an arrangement.


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