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    Title: Solskiin – Hunter – Marksman

    Real Name: Sebastian

    How old are you? 25

    Where are you from? Denmark

    Class / Spec: Realmplayers link (if any) :

    This is my current spec: 1/31/19 –

    This is my current equipment: – I have Devilsaur Set also and Frenzied stricker, so i’m hit capped.

    This is my raid history on Elysium PvP:

    Interface screenshot:

    Are you able to attend to 90% of the raid days? 19:30 – 23:30 (CET) SUNDAY – MONDAY – Yes, i am.

    At what times do you usually play during the day? It depends on my schedule, I am still studying and working , so it’s very different from week to week.

    What did you achieve in WoW so far? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)
    Well so far I have 10/10 + Ony on Elysium PvP, i accomplished that with DANES. Unfortunately the management have decided to step down, due to the previous week circumstances. I must admit i do not have a lot of experience with private servers, but i have been playing retail wow since Vanilla – WoD. I been raiding and doing high end pvp throughout all expansions.

    In Vanilla i mained resto shaman, and cleared MC, BWL and have experiences in AQ40 as well. Throughout TBC i was maining Enhancement Shaman, and went downed everything besides Kil’Jaeden. In WOTLK i was more focused on PvP with my Rogue, but I was raiding the current HC instances. In Pandaria and Cata i was mainly focused on pvp and achieved some high arena rankings 2200+. Throughout WoD i started to raid again, and was in a danish guild called Strange Behaviour which were doing fairly well in HC/Mythic.

    What is your proudest moment in WoW?

    My proudest moment would be when i managed to ding 60 relatively fast on Elysium and gaining Pre raid bis fast. I would be lying though if i wasnt damn proud when i managed to kill Nefarian back in the day πŸ˜€

    Past Guilds (if any) and why did you leave? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)

    [DANES] – As explained earlier, the management decided to step down, which is very unfortunate because everything was starting to go smooth.
    [Strange Behaviour] – Retail Ravencrest
    [Almost Skilled] – Vanilla / TBC

    What sets you apart from the rest? I’m usually very pleasant to be around, and im really enjoying the whole Vanilla experience once again. I’m also quite ambitious regarding elysium, due to i want to experience high-end content such as AQ40 once more, and hopefully (fingers crossed) gaining experience with Naxx.

    Would you be interested in rerolling to another class to join Metastasis if we don’t need your current class? – Currently i would not, i am really enjoying the whole hunter experience. I find this class extremely fun to play, and i love some of the mechanics behind.
    Which one would that be?

    How experienced are you with that one? – If i were to reroll i would either go for rogue or maybe Enhancement Shaman, as i find them extremely fun to play πŸ˜€

    Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character? Personally I’m a 25 year old guy, leaving in Copenhagen where im studying my Masters in Economic and Business Administration, i also work part-time at a IT company. I enjoy gaming, and it is really something which help me cooldown after a long day at work or at the uni. I play all different kinds of games such as CS GO, BF1 but my current favorite is Elysium πŸ™‚

    Do you have any extra talents that could benefit Metastasis? – I dont mind taking responsibility upon my self, whether that is PvP / PvE wise. I just want to progress as fast and smooth as possible. I hope that i can find a new home at Metastasis and being able to enjoy the whole Vanilla experience with you guys πŸ™‚


    Contact information:
    Discord name: Solskiin

    In-game name: Solskiin


    Additional information:
    Do you have working microphone? – Yes

    Are you active outside of the game ?(Discord and forums) – Yes

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    Hello and welcome.

    Contact, VesperWin on discord.

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