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    Vanilla Rogue Guide by Oto


    Keep in mind that some items and stats are shown in 1.12 values, current status on Nostalrius Begins is 1.5 .

    When grouped with others, the Rogue is considered to be the DPS Machine. In other words, you are there to kill stuff. Occasionally you sap mobs or scout around in stealth mo de, but for the most part, you are there to deal a world of hurt to your enemies. And as everyone knows, a Dead Rogue = 0 DPS, so it is your responsibility to make sure that your Rogue is equipped with not only the best in gear, but also the best in potions and other items that will keep you alive while increasing your DPS. After you’ve reached level 60 and have acquired an epic mount and a decent collection of armor and weapons, any extra gold that starts building up should be used to increase the combat effectiveness of your Rogue.

    U can follow me on Twitter, to get notified about everything i do.


    Agi – Agility
    AP – Attack Power
    BF – Blade Flurry
    BiS – Best in Slot
    CC – Crowd Control
    CD – Cooldown
    CP – Combo Point
    DoT – Damage over Time
    DP – Deadly Poison
    DPS – Damage per Second
    IP – Instant Poison
    LoS – Line of Sight
    PVE – Player versus Environment
    PVP – Player versus Player
    SnD – Slice and Dice
    Stam – Stamina
    Str – Strength


    Talent Builds
    PVE Rotation
    Debuff Slots and why are they important
    Main Attributes (Stats)
    Effects of Weapon Skill
    Calculating your Hit table
    Crit Strike & You
    BiS Gear
    Resistance Gear
    UI & Addons
    Macros & how to


    Perception[size=10] stealth detect, nice for PVP[/size]
    Sword Specialization[size=10] / [/size]Mace Specialization[size=10] skill increased by 5[/size]
    Diplomacy[size=10] 10% more reputation[/size]

    Gnome[size=10] [S75 A133][/size]
    Escape Artist[size=10] nice for PVP and some PVE situations[/size]

    Dwarf[size=10] [S82 A126][/size]
    Stoneform[size=10] nice for PVP and sometimes in AQ / Naxx[/size]

    Nightelf[size=10] [S77 A135][/size]
    Shadowmeld[size=10] +1 Stealthlevel, kinda useless, except for PVP[/size]
    Quickness[size=10] 1% dodge[/size]

    Blood Fury[size=10] 2min CD, Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec.[/size]
    Hardiness[size=10] a resisted stun won’t damage you, really nice for PVP and PVE[/size]

    Troll[size=10] [S81 A132][/size]
    Berserking[size=10] totally situational (grants more attack speed, when hurt badly)[/size]
    Beast Slaying[size=10] – 5% damage against Beasts, not that many beasts bosses around[/size]

    Undead[size=10] [S79 A128][/size]
    Will of the Forsaken[size=10] nice for PVP and some PVE situations[/size]

    If your goal is endgame raiding the choices are quite simple:

    Human[size=10] is the master race when it comes to pure dps if you decide to play alliance.[/size]
    Orc[size=10] is the master race when it comes to pure dps if you decide to play horde.[/size]

    *Added base stats at lvl 60

    Talent Builds

    Leveling Spec for Starters and Pro’s

    Combat Sword 19-32-0 or

    Combat Sword 19-32-0

    Combat Sword 20-31-0 with Maladath

    Combat Sword 19-32-0 Naxx Progress Special

    Combat Dagger 15-31-5

    The following Specs become more powerful when you reach a higher gear level (~AQ40 Gear) or you just get all possible Worldbuffs and reach the Critcap.

    Seal Fate Dagger 30-16-5

    Seal Fate Sword 30-21-0 Naxx Progress Special

    Seal Fate Sword 30-21-0

    Alliance Sidenote:[size=10] Imp. Poisons is higher DPS than Imp. Eviscerate, but in longer fights you going to risk to lose all poison stacks, especially in Naxx. This is getting fixed someday. Lets hope so.[/size]
    Horde Sidenote: Imp Eviscerate is better than Imp Poisons by ~2 DPS, depends on points spent. If you have Windfury available.

    PVE Rotation

    First of all: you are playing with energy, you have 100 energy as default and you gain 20 energy every 2 seconds. That being said, you can start now with the basics.
    Let’s assume that you are standing in front of a boss.

    Step 1: Check your buffs

    Check your buff bar for all group buffs, consumables and poison stacks and rebuff if needed.
    Fact to know: When you are grouped and stealthed, you are invisible for your groupmates too, keep that in mind, when you want to receive buffs -> go out of stealth.

    Step 2: Opener

    The first attack of a rogue, when he engages a fight, is called opener and rewards the first CPs.

    Ambush[size=10] [60 Energy | 1 CP | Stealth | Dagger needed][/size]
    Deals very high weapon damage.

    Garrote[size=10] [60 Energy | 1CP | Stealth][/size]
    DoT lasts 18sec, scales with AP, but consumes a debuff slot.

    Cheap Shot[size=10] [60 Energy | 2CP | Stealth] [/size]
    4 sec stun
    Very handy when you have to stunlock mobs.
    Useless in most boss fights.

    Sinister Strike[size=10] [40 Energy | 1CP][/size]
    Deals weapon damage.

    Backstab[size=10] [60 Energy | 1 CP | Dagger needed][/size]
    Deals high weapon damage.

    Recommendations for

    Combat Swords – Sinister Strike
    Best opener for Sword Spec in my opinion, less dmg than garrote (SS can crit), but less energy cost. Easier to keep up your cycle afterwards and to get faster to the target without the stealth penalty.

    Combat Dagger – Ambush / Backstab
    Average damage of Ambush is higher than Backstab, even without the 30% extra crit rate.
    But Backstab don’t requires stealth and you could get faster into the fight. Decide situational!

    Seal Fate Dagger – Backstab
    Best opener, 30% higher crit rate than Ambush, you want to crit with your CP-builders.

    Step 3: building CPs and using Finishing Moves

    CP can be build via Sinister Strike or Backstab (Hemo/Ghostly Strike for PVP-Spec).
    You can receive a maximum of 5 CP.

    CP consuming abilities are called [size=10]Finishing Move[/size] or [size=10]Finisher[/size].

    Slice and Dice[size=10]- DPS[/size]
    Maintain it 100% of the time, its your main damage deliverer. And it [size=10]does not matter how much CPs you have to use for it[/size], so use it with your first CP and further into the fight try to use it at 5CP all the time, to profit from [url=]Relentless Strikes[/url].

    Eviscerate[size=10]- DPS[/size]
    use it at 5CP all the time, to profit from [url=]Relentless Strikes[/url].
    Decreased damage by armor.
    This is your default finisher.

    Rupture[size=10]- DPS[/size]
    Ignores armor – useful for bosses with high amounts of armor.
    Be Aware![size=10] it consumes a debuff slot, ask your raid leader.[/size]
    It depends on your gear and spec, if its more useful than Eviscerate. Check Spreadsheet to get exact data and keep in mind: rupture can not crit.

    Kidney Shot[size=10]- non DPS[/size]
    Finishing move that stuns the target. Lasts longer per combo point.
    Doesnt work on most bosses, but sometimes very useful on adds and trash to prevent them from hurting you and your group mates.

    Expose Armor[size=10]- non DPS[/size]
    overwrites the Sunder Armor debuff of warriors, kinda useless in PVE situations
    Don’t bother using this, its a waste of precious CP.

    Step 4: The DPS Cycle

    The most DPS is done by 3 things: spamming main ability which grants CP and using these CP to maintain SnD and use the rest of CP for dmg finishers like eviscerate.

    Step 5: Movement in Fights

    Movement is by far the best skill check of a player, to maintain the rotation isn’t really hard, but to move and keep an eye on the boss mechanics while maintaining the rotation is the tricky part.
    To be honest, there’s not much to say here. Turn your character with the mouse, turning via A / D = DEAD or less DPS.

    Step 6: How to use Cooldowns

    First thing to know is, that you want to do as much DPS as possible.
    Your DPS is affected by debuffs on the boss and your own buffs.
    That kept in mind, you should always wait with using offensive cooldowns until the most debuffs/buffs are up, for example: 5 stacks of sunder armor, faerie fire, etc.
    Maybe adding a crusader proc to it, now its the best time to use your AR, BF, racials or whatever your race / spec offers to you.

    Combining cooldowns with each other maximizes your DPS on an enormous amount.

    Example: BF + Blood Fury both 2 min CD, best used together

    On the other hand, you’ll face a few boss fights where you can cleave adds with BF.
    Its best to not care about debuffs / procs at this time and use every possible cooldown for the cleave. Adds die faster, your DPS is UBER HIGH = WINNING.

    Another example are boss fights, where you’ll face enrage phases or phases where you should do the most DPS in (f.e. Onyxia Flight Phase), use the cooldowns there!

    Killing a boss and saving your teammates lifes has always higher priority, than your personal DPS!



    Blade Flurry[size=10] CD: 2 min / Duration: 15 sec[/size]
    Increases attack speed + hitting a second target nearby

    Adrenaline Rush[size=10] CD: 5 min / Duration: 15 sec[/size]
    100% more energy regen – instead of 20 per 2 sec, you gain 40 every 2 sec
    Using it less than a second before a new energy tick, will result in 8x 40 energy ticks, using it too early will only get you 7.

    Cold Blood[size=10] CD: 3 min[/size]
    100% Crit on next yellow attack – best used for 5 CP Eviscerate

    Sprint[size=10] CD: 5 min[/size]
    70% increased run speed

    Thistle Tea[size=10] CD: 5 min shared CD with [/size]Major Healthstone[size=10], [/size]Whipper Root Tuber[size=10] and some others[/size]
    Grants 100 energy on use – best used at 0 energy


    Vanish[size=10] CD: 5 min[/size]
    Wipes threat & removes immobilizing effects – use to prevent gaining aggro or to get out of slows and stuff

    Blind[size=10] CD: 5 min[/size]
    10 sec CC – use it to rescue teammates from lose mobs, until the tank picks it up again

    Evasion[size=10] CD: 5 min[/size]
    50% increased dodge chance – used to tank a short period of time or for dodging cleaves

    Debuff Slots and why are they important

    In 1.12.1 we face a limitation of [size=10]16 debuffs[/size] that can occur on a mob / boss.

    Here is a list of debuffs, which grant extra DPS for us rogues:

    Sunder Armor[size=10] – reduced armor by 2250[/size]
    Curse of Recklessness[size=10] – reduced armor by 640[/size]
    Faerie Fire[size=10] – reduced armor by 505[/size]
    Gift of Arthas[size=10] – Increases physical damage taken by 8[/size]

    I personally start arguing about missing debuffs, when other classes slack. (not recommended)

    So in 40 man raids, its most likely that the 16 slots are filled with useful debuffs, to push the overall raid DPS or for defensive matters.
    In 20 man or lesser raids, you can check on your group setup. If you can find space on the debuff list, than its fine to use deadly poison or rupture/garrote, but only if its actually pushes your DPS.


    Instant Poison[size=10] – this is your DEFAULT poison, use it on both weapons (Horde only on OH)[/size]
    Deadly Poison[size=10] – does more DPS than IP on long fights, but consumes a debuff slot, not recommended in 20/40 man raids[/size]
    Crippling Poison[size=10] – useful for a few boss fights, where you have to slow adds and kite them[/size]
    Mind-numbing Poison[size=10] – increasing spell casting time, useless for most boss fights[/size]
    Wound Poison[size=10] – reduced Healing taken, useless for most boss fights[/size]

    Main Attributes (Stats)

    Attributes are the basic building blocks for a character’s combat ability. The five primary attributes are strength, agility, stamina, intellect, and spirit. These five attributes along with armor appear on the character sheet under Base Stats. These are often referred to as simply stats.

    A number of secondary attributes affect specific areas of combat more directly, and are often influenced in some way by a primary attribute. Secondary attributes include critical strike rate, damage absorption, attack power, spell power, and many others.

    All characters inherently have some amount of each attribute that increases with level depending mainly on class. For example, a mage will have more base intellect than a rogue, who will have more base agility. Increasing these attributes is mainly done with equipment, as well as temporary effects such as buffs, elixirs, scrolls, auras, and many other means.

    Nearly all combat mechanics rely in some way on one or more character attributes. Increasing the appropriate attribute will increase damage done, reduce damage taken, increase healing done, affect a character’s mana or health, or other benefits. Understanding how these attributes work is important for effective combat.

    Increases attack power with both melee and ranged weapons by 1
    Increases your crit chance by 1% per 29 Agility
    Increases Armor and Dodge

    Increases attack power with melee weapons by 1.

    Increases health points by 10 per point

    Increases the rate at which weapon skills improve

    Increases health & mana regeneration rates [size=10]= useless stat[/size]

    Decreases the amount of damage taken from physical attacks
    A stat you don’t have to care about

    A list of Values for the Combat Specs
    expect that crit & agi value is higher in Seal Fate Specs. Especially for BiS gear. If you want to calculate with [url=]Spirit of Zandalar[/url] just add factor *0.15 to Agi and Str. These numbers are averages and you can use them to calculate your Items, without using my spreadsheet.

    Pre Raid BiS Gear buffed [size=10]*[Dagger][/size]


    1 Crit = 23 AP [20]
    1 Hit = 18 AP [16]
    1 Agi = 1.9 AP [1.8]
    1 Str = 1.1 AP


    1 Crit = 24 AP [20]
    1 Hit = 20 AP [17]
    1 Agi = 1.8 AP [1.7]
    1 Str = 1.0 AP

    BiS Gear[size=10]*[Dagger][/size]


    1 Crit = 29 AP [25]
    1 Hit = 21 AP [18]
    1 Agi = 2.2 AP [2]
    1 Str = 1.10 AP


    1 Crit = 28 AP [24]
    1 Hit = 24 AP [20]
    1 Agi = 2 AP [1.8]
    1 Str = 1.0 AP

    Effects of Weapon Skill

    For each point that your weapon skill exceeds your opponent’s defense, you gain the following:

    Your chance to miss decreases by 0.04%.
    Your chance to score a critical hit increases by 0.04%.
    Your opponent’s chance to block your attack decreases by 0.04%.
    Your opponent’s chance to parry your attack decreases by 0.04%.
    Your opponent’s chance to dodge your attack decreases by 0.04%.[/quote]

    When you hit a monster or a boss the game will go thru a small procedure to decide what your swing will be… will it miss? will it crit? will it be a dodge or perhaps a glancing blow? The easiest way to explain this, is by imagining yourself a prioritized list like this:

    1) Miss
    2) Dodge
    3) Parry
    4) Glancing blow
    5) Block
    6) Critical hit
    7) Normal hit

    What this means is that if places 1-6 total up to 100%, Normal hit will be knocked off the table and never occur.

    Important to know is that a boss has a base dodge chance of 5.6% and can only parry/block attacks that are made from their front, but since a rogue should never be attacking a dungeon/raid monster/boss from the front, we will see their parry/block chance as 0%.
    Your base chance to miss is 24,6% when dual wielding against a boss.
    Another good thing to know is that when you as a player gain +hit you do not exactly increase your hit chance, instead you reduce the chance to miss.
    The total amount in the hit table can not be higher than 100%.
    Your chance to hit is what is left over to reach 100% after adding all the other things. Lets say your chance to get a miss+dodge+glancing blow+crit = 80%, then you have 20% to get a normal hit.

    Hit refers to physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. The base chance to miss with maximum weapon skill (300) against an opponent of equal level is 5% for two handed and 24% for dual wield.

    In short: 310 Weaponskill = huge dps boost

    Calculating your Hit Table

    The standard white hit table for a naked lvl 60 rogue looks like this:

    Miss: 24.6%
    Dodge: 5.6%
    Parry: 0%
    Glancing blow: 40%
    Block: 0%
    Critical hit: ~10%
    Normal hit: 19.8%

    This means that if you make 100 attacks against a boss, you will deal 0% damage 30 times, 200% damage 10 times, 100% damage 20 times and 70% damage 40 times.

    Now lets say you find a lot of gear that gives crit but no hit and end up having 35% crit, your white hit table would then look like this:

    Miss: 24.6%
    Dodge: 5.6%
    Parry: 0%
    Glancing blow: 40%
    Block: 0%
    Critical hit: 29.8%
    Normal hit: 0%

    Note that you have 35% crit but only 29.8% of your strikes will be critical strikes, this is because you are over the thing people like to call crit cap. Its quite a nice name, but unlike the hit cap it is not a fixed value. The crit cap is the same as the % of swings that will not be glancing/dodged/missed.

    Lets keep going with this example and say that you find gear that does not reduce your chance to crit and gives you +6% hit, your white hit table would look like this:

    Miss: 18.6%
    Dodge: 5.6%
    Parry: 0%
    Glancing blow: 40%
    Block: 0%
    Critical hit: 35%
    Normal hit: 0.8%

    As explained earlier, the +6% hit will not increase the chance to get a normal hit… but rather reduce the chance to get a miss.

    There are two big difference between a white hit table and a yellow hit table and that is that yellow hits can not be glancing blows and the standard chance to miss is only 8%.

    The hit cap is the amount of +hit you need in order to make sure none of your attacks will miss. There are two different hit caps

    The first hit cap is the most important one, it is commonly known as yellow hit cap. This hit cap is the amount of +hit needed to never miss with special abilities which damage is shown with yellow text on your screen. You will need +8% hit to always hit with your special abilities against a raid boss. This hit cap is a lot more important than the next one because missing with your abilities such as Sinister Strike, Backstab or Eviscerate is a huge waste of energy and global cooldowns, and also this one is a lot easier to achieve.

    The second hit cap is the white damage hit cap. This is the amount of +hit need to never miss a normal melee swing. You will need +24.6% hit to always hit a raid boss, as you might notice 24.6 is a lot higher than 8 and this is the reason why its not as important as the first one, since you would have to give up a lot of other stats in order to reach 24.6% hit, and there is nowhere near enough +hit on gear early on at lvl 60 to reach this cap.

    Poisons are affected only by Spell Hit and special talents, so dont bother about them.

    In short: Minimum Hit = 8% (5% from talents + 3% from gear) and maximum Hit = 24.6%

    Critical strike and how to calculate crit cap and why is it important?

    Critical strike (often abbreviated as crit) refers to 100% bonus physical damage (twice your normal damage) that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons.
    The chance to critical strike can be viewed by opening your spellbook and moving your mouse over the attack ability shown there.
    It is increased by agility where you increase your critical strike chance by [size=10]1% for every 29[/size] points.

    Crit cap for your auto attacks (white damage) is a variable that changes based on the following formula:

    100% – 24.6% miss – 5.6% dodge – 40% glance + your hit%[/quote]

    Crit cap for your yellow attacks :

    100% – 8% miss – 5.6% dodge + your hit%[/quote]

    note that yellow attacks cannot glance and that you can not push off dodge with hit rating

    Now to elaborate why is crit cap important, well its quite simple actually, there is no point of having more crit than crit cap because we already established that the total amount in the hit table can not be higher than 100%.

    In short: after reaching 8% Hit, Crit > Hit, until you reach the Crit cap.

    Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

    Here is a list of items that you can easily obtain in 5/10 mans without big efforts.
    This gear setup is called Pre Raid BiS Gear and is the best way to get into your first raids.

    T0.5 4-Set Bonus is a good way to push your DPS, when you can’t reach higher lvl gear like T1/T2 etc. Feel free to check out the spreadsheet, to calculate the values of your current/future gear.

    Pre Raid

    Combat Sword Spec [Combat Dagger Spec]

    Mask of the Unforgiven
    Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
    Mark of Fordring
    Truestrike Shoulders
    Cape of the Black Baron
    Cloak – Lesser Agility
    Cadaverous Armor > Nightbrace Tunic > Shadowcraft Tunic
    Chest – Greater Stats[i] / [/i]Chest – Stats
    Bracers of the Eclipse > Deepfury Bracers
    Bracer – Superior Strength[i] / [/i]Bracer – Greater Strength
    Devilsaur Gauntlets
    Gloves – Greater Agility
    Cloudrunner Girdle [url=]Mugger’s Belt[/url]
    Devilsaur Leggings
    Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
    Swiftwalker Boots / Mongoose Boots
    Boots – Minor Speed / Boots – Greater Agility
    Don Julio’s Band > Tarnished Elven Ring > Painweaver Band > Blackstone Ring
    Hand of Justice > Blackhand’s Breadth > Rune of the Guard Captain > Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas

    Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge [The Lobotomizer > Electrified Dagger [A] – Glacial Blade [H]*
    Weapon – Crusader [Weapon – Crusader / Weapon – Superior Striking]
    Dal’Rend’s Tribal Guardian > Mirah’s Song [Felstriker / Distracting Dagger]**
    Weapon – Crusader
    Precisely Calibrated Boomstick < Satyr’s Bow (This will change in a future patch)

    *The Lobotomizer[i] uses a debuff slot and i don’t recommend it for 40 man raids. Its totally fine in 5-20man.[/i]
    ** [url=]Distracting Dagger[/url] is just an example, its best when you don’t have [url=]Mugger’s Belt[/url], otherwise every other fast Dagger is nice to have with a high dps rate.

    Current BiS List 1.6

    I did the calculations without the World buffs and fully Raid buffed of course. For the alliance side, as human.
    Feel free to create your own Horde equivalent Version of it, by using your brain or my Spreadsheet.

    Combat Sword Spec [Combat Dagger Spec]

    Bloodfang Hood
    Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
    Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery
    Bloodfang Spaulders [url=]Nightslayer Shoulder Pads[/url]
    Puissant Cape
    Cloak – Lesser Agility
    Bloodfang Chestpiece
    Chest – Greater Stats
    Bloodfang Bracers
    Bracer – Superior Strength
    Bloodfang Gloves [url=]Aged Core Leather Gloves[/url]
    Gloves – Greater Agility
    Bloodfang Belt
    Bloodfang Pants
    Lesser Arcanum of Voracity
    Bloodfang Boots [url=]Boots of the Shadow Flame[/url]
    Boots – Minor Speed
    Band of Accuria + Master Dragonslayer’s Ring
    Hand of Justice + Drake Fang Talisman

    Chromatically Tempered Sword [url=]Perdition’s Blade[/url]
    Weapon – Crusader [Weapon – Crusader / Weapon – Superior Striking]
    Brutality Blade [url=]Core Hound Tooth[/url]
    Weapon – Agility
    Striker’s Mark

    BiS Overall

    Sword Spec [Seal Fate Dagger Spec]

    Bonescythe Helmet
    Death’s Embrace
    Prestor’s Talisman of Connivery
    Bonescythe Pauldrons
    Might of the Scourge
    Shroud of Dominion
    Cloak – Lesser Agility
    Bonescythe Breastplate
    Chest – Greater Stats
    Bonescythe Bracers
    Bracer – Superior Strength
    Bonescythe Gauntlets [url=]Aged Core Leather Gloves[/url]
    Gloves – Superior Agility
    Belt of Never-ending Agony [url=]Bonescythe Waistguard[/url]
    Bonescythe Legplates
    Death’s Embrace
    Bonescythe Sabatons
    Boots – Minor Speed
    Bonescythe Ring / Band of Unnatural Forces
    Slayer’s Crest > Kiss of the Spider > Drake Fang Talisman

    Gressil, Dawn of Ruin [url=]Kingsfall[/url]
    Weapon – Crusader
    Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph / The Hungering Cold for non human [url=]Harbinger of Doom[/url]
    Weapon – Agility
    Nerubian Slavemaker

    Biznicks 247×128 Accurascope[i] not sure if working on Nostalrius, it shouldnt![/i]
    Seal of the Dawn[i] or [/i]Mark of the Champion[i] are the best trinkets against undead.[/i]

    Resistance Gear

    in Progress

    Rogue Spreadsheet

    Old spreadsheet from Elitist Jerks rogue forum (currently under construction for Nostalrius Server, comin soon!)
    Feel free to download and report bugs or wrong item attributes and stuff.

    Vanilla Rogue Spreadsheet


    Engineering / Mining – best profession for maximizing your DPS
    Goblin Sapper Charge / Dense Dynamite / Thorium Grenade (not working on mobs that are stun immune) / Field Repair Bot 74A / Gnomish Battle Chicken (unproved functionality)

    Herbalism / Alchemy – to farm / craft your own consumables

    CookingRecipe: Thistle Tea

    Picklocking a REAL ROGUE trains his pick lock skills! you can make some extra gold here.
    Tip: Train it while leveling your character, your reachable max skill increases by 5 for every level.


    Here is a list of useful consumables you should bring to a raid.

    Mandatory Stuff

    Elixir of the Mongoose or Elixir of Greater Agility
    Winterfall Firewater
    Juju Power
    Grilled Squid / Blessed Sunfruit
    Ground Scorpok Assay & R.O.I.D.S.

    Instant Poison VI
    Heavy Runecloth Bandage
    Flash Powder used for vanish
    Blinding Powder used for blind
    Thistle Tea

    Crystal Charge / Ez-Thro Dynamite II / Stratholme Holy Water for AOE

    Additional / Survivability

    Flask of the Titans
    Sheen of Zanza
    Spirit of Zanza
    Swiftness of Zanza
    Elixir of Fortitude
    Elixir of Demonslaying for Doomlord Kazzak
    Elixir of Poison Resistance nice for AQ / Naxx
    Gift of Arthas +10 Shadow res
    Major Troll’s Blood Potion
    Rumsey Rum Black Label
    Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops
    Free Action Potion for all bosses, who stun & do movement impairing effects
    Jungle Remedy nice to have for 5 mans
    Major Healing Potion
    Restorative Potion

    Greater Fire Protection Potion MC / BWL / Naxx
    Greater Nature Protection Potion ZG / AQ / Naxx
    Greater Frost Protection Potion Sapphiron / Kel’Thuzad
    Greater Arcane Protection Potion Shazzrah / Gothik
    Greater Shadow Protection Potion BWL / AQ / Naxx
    Holy Protection Potion hmmm yeah, it exists


    Oil of Immolation enhanced by spellpower and expendable to 100% uptime
    Flask of Supreme Power to enhance Oil of Immolation and/or Lifesteal
    Elixir of Greater Firepower to enhance Oil of Immolation
    Greater Arcane Elixir to enhance Oil of Immolation

    Juju Might currently higher droprate on Nostalrius, than retail, go get it!
    Juju Flurry not really worth it


    Raid Buffs from Groupmates

    Blessing of Might Rank 7 or Blessing of Might Rank 6
    Blessing of Kings
    Blessing of Salvation

    Windfury Totem switchable with Grace of Air
    Grace of Air Totem R2 / Grace of Air Totem R3
    Strength of Earth Totem Rank 4 or Strength of Earth Totem Rank 5

    Trueshot Aura

    Gift of the Wild

    Prayer of Fortitude
    Prayer of Shadow Protection

    Battle Shout Rank 6 or Battle Shout Rank 7

    Blood Pact

    World Buffs

    Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer Head of Onyxia
    Spirit of Zandalar Head of Hakkar
    Mol’dar’s Moxie Tribute Run
    Fengus’ Ferocity Tribute Run
    Slip’kik’s Savvy Tribute Run (needs some testing, if it affects melee crit)
    Sayge’s Dark Fortune of Damage always click the first message to get the damage buff
    Songflower Serenade

    Warchief’s Blessing Horde only

    UI & Addons


    Chronometer (Bar for SnD Uptime and others)
    BigWigs (Basic Bossmod)
    oRA2 (Basic Raidmod)
    KLHThreatMeter (Simple Aggro Meter)

    and lots of other Addons you can find in the …


    Oto’s UI Compilation

    Macros & how to

    Sinister (BS/Hemo) + Auto Attack

    /cast Sinister Strike
    /script if not IsCurrentAction(9) then UseAction(9) end;

    This macro allows you to attack your target with Sinister Strike and turns on the auto attack. Useful for every target switch when you don’t have energy left or you don’t wanna right click on each target.
    Attention: you need to put the Spell Attack in your action bar! In my example I put the Spell on the first action bar on the slot 9. This can also be used for BS or HEMO. Just replace the spell name and the energy cost.

    This Screenshot can help you by finding the best positions and slot numbers for your macros.

    Trinket Button

    /script UseInventoryItem(13);

    or any other slot, by using this screenshot.

    about Oto

    I’m currently playing my rogue Oto <NOPE> on Nostalrius Begins, you may also remember me from Emerald Dream Oto <Team Plague> or Warsong Phelps <Work in Progress>

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! To all who helped and read that thread.

    about this thread:

    I’m open minded for all questions and suggestions according to the rogue guide and hear them out. If you want to add or change stuff, just contact me or post in this thread.

    I’ll try to keep it updated all the time.

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