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    Unless separated by quality (epic>blue>green), these are not ordred from best to worst, they’re equal options.

    You’ll have to look the items up yourself if you don’t know the <1.4 stats, it’s kind of a hassle to link so much shit via the web archive. I’m assuming people know the stats on most of this stuff.

    Preface: you don’t just want to fill every slot with whatever item has the most +healing. If you do that, you’ll have like 2400 hp and 3600 mana. Don’t be that guy. For entry-level raiding, you ideally want near 300 +healing, 10-15ish mp5 and 220+ spirit, and 2700+ hp and 4000+ mana unbuffed.

    If you don’t have the budget for BoE epics, it can be hard to quite reach 300 +healing, but you can get close enough. You might also find that you have to give up one or two healing items for raw stat pieces in order to get enough stamina, intellect and spirit. You shouldn’t be greedy and skimp on your stats, you really don’t want to get one-shotted and cause a wipe. You do not need +healing in every slot. It’s okay to wear, say, a ring with 15sta 10int instead of one with 7int and 9 +healing.

    Tribal War Feathers (of x resistance)
    Crown of the Penitent
    I prefer the feathers, especially if you can get them with fire resistance, but the crown is statistically on par. Mp5 is an important stat. However, this is a slot where you can get a lot of your stamina if you go with the feathers. If you have no other armor with mp5, still consider using the crown.

    I don’t like Cassandra’s Grace in this patch. It only gives 40 +healing prior to patch 1.4. The feathers give 33 as well as a big chunk of stamina and intellect, plus potentially fire resistance. You don’t want to give up 15int and 5sta for 7 healing. You really have to have 4k+ mana unbuffed.

    Lady Maye’s Pendant/Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn (nearly identical)
    Gemshard Heart, Star of Mystaria, Arclight Talisman (similar)
    Tooth of Gnarr
    A lot of options with relatively similar stats. This is one of the few slots where you can get some stamina without sacrificing +healing, so I wouldn’t go with Tooth of Gnarr unless you absolutely know that you don’t need more stamina. The Tooth is actually pretty bad IMO as it doesn’t have mp5 in this patch, but it’s listed as BiS in other lists so I wanted to mention it.

    Living Shoulders
    Not really any alternatives.

    Archivist’s Cape of Intellect/Eagle/Owl (of Healing does not exist in this patch)
    Raincaster Drape
    I would wear an Archivist Cape if I had one with intellect on it. The Raincaster Cape has too little +healing for an item with no intellect. It doesn’t quite stack up against stats like 10int 10sta 4mp5. However, it’s kind of a bitch to get a good Archivist Cape, so the other one is alright as well.

    Robes of the Exalted
    No contest.

    As long as Cenarion Bracers aren’t really being sold, one of these are fine. Pick the one that suits your stat deficiencies. In a few months, T1 bracers will probably start popping up on the AH.

    Ghostweave Gloves
    Important source of mp5. Hands of Power and Hands of the Exalted Herald do not give +healing in this patch*, and Atal’ai Gloves of Healing do not exist in this patch.

    *(edit: apparently this wasn’t the case after all, so Exalted are potentially BiS if you don’t desperately need mp5)

    Sash of Mercy
    Ghostweave Belt
    Sash is obviously immense, but not exactly available to everyone at this point in time. If you can’t get it, Ghostweave is great as well.

    Living Leggings
    Skyshroud Leggings
    Ghostweave Pants
    Living and Skyshroud are roughly equal. 24 vs. 28 healing, and 8int 8sta vs. 25spi. Use whichever one suits your stat deficiencies. While spirit isn’t terribly crucial in entry-level raiding, you do want some and I find that the pre-raid BiS gear gives very little spirit overall, so this is a good place to get a very large amount of it. Thus, I prefer Living Leggings. The Ghostweaves are also quite good with a whopping 8 mp5, I’ve considered using those instead.

    Verdant Footpads
    It basically depends on how many low-stat +healing items you’re using elsewhere. Verdant Footpads are nice and all, but if you wear that kind of gear in every slot, you’ll have critically low hp/mana. The mob that drops them is also ridiculously rare, so this was the slot where I chose to ditch +healing in favour of raw stats. If you don’t need to do that, the footpads are hard to ignore.

    Fordring’s Seal
    With the otherwise fairly weak item budget on rings, 33 +healing is great.

    Band of the Hierophant
    Blood of the Martyr
    And there are no other really good healing rings in this patch, so this is a good slot to get some raw stats that you sacrificed for healing somewhere else.

    Second Wind
    Just a nice trinket. The proc translates into 1 mp3 if used on cooldown.

    Shard of Afrasa
    5 mp5 is better than the 22 +healing you could get from Briarthorn Reed. You want about 12-15 mp5 from your gear and this is a good place to get a chunk of it.

    The Hammer of Grace
    A hefty 29 +healing. There really are no other noteworthy options for 1h healing weapons, and you do want to use a 1h because of…

    Spirit of Aquementas
    Completely broken item, which is why it gets redesigned entirely in the BWL patch. -25 mana cost on all spells is absurdly strong. On raids, you spend almost all your time spamming R4 HT, which costs approximately 150 mana depending on talents. Cutting the mana cost by this much translates into an insane amount of mana gained over the course of a battle. This item might as well have 25 mp5 or something like that. Note that it stacks a bit oddly with talents that reduce mana cost of your heals, so it’ll only actually give -22ish depending on your exact talents.

    This is the ideal setup:
    Tribal War Feathers of Fire Resistance
    Lady Maye’s Pendant/Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn
    Living Shoulders
    Archivist Cape of the Eagle
    Robes of the Exalted
    Dreadmist Bracers
    (Cenarion Bracers once they enter the economy)
    Ghostweave Gloves? (see edit above)
    Sash of Mercy
    Living Leggings
    Verdant Footpads or Wildheart Boots
    Fordring’s Seal
    Band of the Hierophant
    Second Wind

    Shard of Afrasa
    The Hammer of Grace
    Spirit of Aquementas

    This gives you just shy of 300 +healing, 15 mp5 and 230ish spirit, and approximately 2800 hp and 4000 mana unbuffed and before enchants. It also favors leather items which I kind of prefer for PvP reasons, although this is a very minor concern. You also want to obtain a staff with high spirit (there are several, including a +29 spirit one from a Scholo quest) and equip it if you Innervate yourself.

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    Be aware that this is BiS for moonglow spec Not all of the items apply to Swiftmend same way


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