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    Real Name:


    How old are you?


    Where are you from?


    Class / Spec: Realmplayers link (if any) :

    http://goo.gl/0KLCEJ (atm the updated version i 5 days old. I have made a custom link with updated items)

    Interface screenshot:

    View post on imgur.com

    Are you able to attend to 90% of the raid days? 19:30 – 23:30 (CET) SUNDAY – MONDAY

    Yes, and should be able to accommodate more raiding days, as more content gets released.

    At what times do you usually play during the day?

    Whenever I’m not eating, sleeping, or at university. Typically between 12:00/16:00 and 24:00

    What did you achieve in WoW so far? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)

    Retail experience:

    Vanilla: MC (Full), Onyxia (Full), BWL (Full), ZG (Full), AQ20 (Full), and AQ40 (Twin Emperors)

    TBC: Karazhan (Full), Gruul (Full), Magtheridon’s Lair (Full), Serpentshrine Cavern (Full), Tempest Keep (Full), The Battle for Mount Hyjal (partial), Black Temple (Full – Post attunement removal)

    WotLK: PuG’d everything. Stopped playing after PuG’ing Arthas.

    (I’d like to add, that the reason I’m not elaborating about WotLK, is because the game simply became too casual there. I didn’t do most raids on Heroic, but frankly thought the concept to be very poorly done. This is also why I quit WoW after having PuG’d Arthas, since the sense of achievement wasn’t there anymore)

    Private Servers:

    Cleared MC with DANES.

    (Leadership of DANES has since quit, so I didn’t get to do much. I’m applying here since I have been told you guys has the same raiding spirit)

    What is your proudest moment in WoW?

    Its hard to pick one, but I’d say when we downed Illidan. It was post-attunement removal, so it wasn’t exactly realm first or anything, but it still holds a special place in my heart. I still remember losing my hearing for a few minutes, due to the celebratory screams on Teamspeak.

    Past Guilds (if any) and why did you leave? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)

    In vanilla i was in a guild called [Voodoo] Executus EU briefly. I left because I lost interest in playing a hunter, and would rather play warrior. After that I spent most of my time in a guild called [Legacy] Executus EU. The guild eventuelly disbanded during WotLK, and I never found a true “home” after that.

    On Private servers, I only seriously participated in [DANES] Elysium. However I have only played Nostalrius and Elysium when it comes to private servers, and I wasn’t all that interested in raiding when i played Nostalrius, due to just having begun University, was still adjusting to the workflow (something that isn’t any issue anymore).

    What sets you apart from the rest?

    I’m typically very dedicated to my goals, and organized in my approach to them. I don’t want to elevate myself, but I’d also say I’m rather pleasant to be around and helpful particularly towards people who share my goals, such as guildmates.

    Would you be interested in rerolling to another class to join Metastasis if we don’t need your current class?

    Probably not. If I were though, it would be warrior, as that is my long time class, and I already have a lvl 40 warrior on Elysium. I will be honest though, I want to break new ground and do something different, thus my goals atm, is to be the best rogue possible. I won’t rule out leveling and raiding with a different class down the line, purely in the interest of the guild. However that is something I’d do, because I felt a sense of duty to the guild, which would require me to have been apart of the guild for a while.

    Which one would that be?

    I guess I elaborated more then the above quest intended πŸ˜‰ So in short; Warrior.

    How experienced are you with that one?

    I’m very experienced with the warrior. I’m solid with rogues too, if I do say so myself.

    Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character?

    I’m 26 year old guy from Denmark. I’m currently enrolled DTU (Denmarks Techincal University), studying to become an Engineer. I got started on that a bit late, having spent a lot of my youth partying, and earning my living through various endeavours. For example I lived off of playing Poker for a good year to two years, during my late teens, and between that and starting university, I made my living online, doing website and domain speculation.

    Most of my spare time since my mid-teens has been spent on gaming with my friends. It is my long time passion, and I don’t see that changing. Friday and Saturday evenings has been spent drinking and partying in Copenhagens nightlife, though during the last year, I have cut down on that (hangovers.. Oh how they get worse with age). When required, I also find a bit of time for my girlfriend, though admittedly not as much as she’d like.

    Do you have any extra talents that could benefit Metastasis?

    I have extensive knowledge about vanilla, and like I eluded to earlier, I’m a very social guy, who typically get along with everyone. As for in-game, I’m an alchemist and herbalist, which might be useful for some. I would add having been a classleader and raidleader, but that is simply too long ago, to be skills I’d advertise as relevant today.

    Add more info about yourself:

    I’m applying along with two real life friends; Bylbalon and Pamala. Naturally my enrollment shouldn’t and won’t predicate on whether they are accepted or not, however purely for social reasons, it would greatly strengthen my attachment, at least initially, to the guild, given we typically play a lot together.


    Contact information:
    Discord name:

    Sokar #6927

    In-game name:



    Additional information:
    Do you have working microphone?

    Yes. I use to do some YouTube’ing, and have very expensive studio microphone setup.

    Are you active outside of the game ?(Discord and forums)

    I typically hang out in DANES and Elysium Discord.

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    Hello and welcome

    Contact Naijik Ingame or on our discord to get you sorted.


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