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    Real Name:

    How old are you?

    Where are you from?

    Class / Spec: Realmplayers link (if any):
    Restoration Shaman. I’m currently leveling and will go into further details about this later in the topic. I’m not linking anything due to the fact that it will give you no useful information.
    I will be running this spec when I get to 60: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hZxZEfxdAeqo
    I will respec if told so.

    Interface screenshot:
    Solo/Group: https://gyazo.com/2c895cefc96d30d1612bbbf1daec3b11
    Raid: https://gyazo.com/06176328310d91418e6450ad0a32e3ea – please disregard the menu in the middle. You can see the full layout in the other screenshot.

    Are you able to attend to 90% of the raid days? 19:30 – 23:30 (CET) SUNDAY – MONDAY:

    At what times do you usually play during the day?
    It really depends on what day it is. I am studying and my lecture hours and days changes from week to week. But i usually play from 10/11 am to 16/17 then have a break and then from 19/20, sometimes later, to about 1/2 am. This obviously changes when it’s a raid day and I have to be online/farm or whatever to make sure I’m up to date with everything for the raid.

    What did you achieve in WoW so far? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)
    Vanilla, I got to level 55 as a Warlock. Really liked the class, but didn’t really know what was up and down. It took me forever to level because of that. When Nostalrius came out I didn’t really notice until it was too late. I leveled a Priest and got to around level 40 before it shut down.
    TBC, I changed class to Shaman. I fell in love with the Shaman in Vanilla, but all my friends played Alliance, so in my mind I was kind of stuck on my Warlock. When TBC launched I instantly started leveling a Shaman, Draenei of course, and got to level 70 rather quickly by my standards back then. I started raiding Kara, Gruul and Mag as Elemental, but later changed to Restoration to get into SSC. I only killed the fishing guy back then. In the later years I played on Feenix Archangel private server as Shaman. Cleared Kara, Gruul, Mag again and finally got to kill Lady Vashj and Kael’Thas and a few bosses in BT.
    Wotlk, I played as Restoration Shaman and cleared Naxx, Maly, Sarth 25-man 3 d. Skipped Ulduar and got back into ToC and cleared it. Never got to see much of ICC because i wasn’t in a raiding guild at the time, so was only pugging.
    Didn’t play in Cata, but did some arena on a private server. Not sure if this is the right server, but I think it was Molten WoW.
    Got into MoP at the end and casually pvped.
    WoD, I cleared HM as Elemental Shaman and nothing more due to interference from my personal life.
    Legion, I cleared EM and ToV as a Mage before the return of Nostalrius was announced. Quit retail and waited for Vanilla.

    What is your proudest moment in WoW? I don’t really have a proud moment, but I really enjoy playing the game when I put all my effort in a character and play it to its best.

    Past Guilds (if any) and why did you leave? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)
    Nothing noteworthy mentioning from retail. Though, I find my retail TBC guilds, <I R Baboon>, quite funny.
    On Archangel I was in a guild called <Terrible>. Tried to find the website again, but it seems it has been shut down.
    Lately on Elysium PvP I was in Oblivion with Thrage, Colcio and Rottenwalker. Left because our GM got injured and was unable to maintain the GM position and there was no one to really take over and put the same effort into it as he did.

    What sets you apart from the rest? My deep knowledge of the Shaman and ability to gather information (mostly researching stuff) and processing it quickly. I am a dormant source of information.

    Would you be interested in rerolling to another class to join Metastasis if we don’t need your current class?

    Which one would that be?
    I’m leaning towards a rogue or a mage. Leveled a mage a bit on Nostalrius and I really liked it.

    How experienced are you with that one?
    Not at all experienced, but see argument above. Gathering and processing information counts toward all scenarios.

    Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character?
    I am a happy man who studies candidate level of behavioral economics at Copenhagen Business School. I have a lot of free time that I like spending playing games and working out. I’m laidback and jokes a lot and I’d rather make sarcastic jokes about stuff than start raging over it. e.g. getting ganked by filthy Alliance gnomes.

    Do you have any extra talents that could benefit Metastasis? Talents? Depends on what you define talents as. Something you could benefit from? Definitely. I made a Restoration Shaman guide for the Oblivion guild and it has been proofread and edited by Colcio so it’s up to date. I lurked in your Shaman forum and saw that you only had linked Egregious’ guide, which I also have been using, but added more information and an updated prebis-list for pre patch 1.4 and post patch 1.4. Colcio helped me add other items since some of them receive updates in later patches. Credit to him for that. It might be a little outdated for you since you’ve already started raiding, but it still contains a lot of useful information.
    This is what you can benefit from me as of now, since I’m still leveling. The reason behind my low level is vacation and not slacking. Smileyface. My main goal is getting to level 60 and getting pre-bis asap. I keep a somewhat tight schedule for myself to level as fast as I can. (currently level 45)

    Add more info about yourself: I’m (fe)Male aka. Ironman


    Contact information:
    Discord name: Happypanties #7849

    In-game name: Happypanties


    Additional information:
    Do you have working microphone?
    Yes and not afraid to speak, but I mostly keep silent when many people are talking because no one can be heard if everyone is talking at the same time.

    Are you active outside of the game ?(Discord and forums) Yes, when doing dungeons etc. I like to get on discord and chat and I also like casually talking to people. It creates a great atmosphere. I like to read everything on the forums to keep myself up to date.

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    Can only accept you as social until you are not Pre-raid BiS, then you can have a shot on raid.
    Contact me Vesperwin if you are interested in such an arrangement.


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