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    Hey since I never played Vanilla or Nost before: Is grinding faster and if yes, will you be doing it? (Either all the way or at specific levels)

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    You need to do quests, and what happens is that you will reach a point when you have burned all the quests available for your level/zone or which are worth taking. At that point you need to grind. So its always combination of those two. You have advantage provided as mage to be able to aoe grind to some extend but be aware that you will be ill-spoken in local tavern because of that.

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    ^what vesper said. I also don’t think that it’s possible to aoe grind. The server will be very full with a lot of people that want to get ahead of the curve =/. We will have to wait and see.

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    A lot will depend if we can get ahead.

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    Gonna have to see whats what when i’m lvl 19 because that’s when i decide what path i take in talents 😉

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