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    Real Name:

    Martin Jensen

    How old are you?

    I am 26 years old

    Where are you from?

    The 2nd greatest country in the world, Denmark

    Class / Spec: Realmplayers link (if any) :

    I got to 60 in 6 days 20 hours played when I was on a week long vacation, I then needed a small break before going all in gear farming mode, hence my gear is somewhat lacking with BiS. This will chance asap. The realmplayers list is not 100% up to date, I have the Ony preq trinket.

    Interface screenshot:

    View post on

    I am getting, when I get the time to set it up completely.

    Are you able to attend to 90% of the raid days? 19:30 – 23:30 (CET) SUNDAY – MONDAY

    Yes, this will not be a problem.

    At what times do you usually play during the day?

    I usually play when I get home from school, which would be from 2-4 PM to around 23. Though I cant do that everyday since I also have a GF that needs some attention, according to her.

    What did you achieve in WoW so far? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)

    In Vanilla to lategame WotLK (retail) I was a very hardcore raider, raiding 3-4 hours a day, and was always in the top guild on my server, we raided everything hardcore from MC to Lich King HC (though we only got him to 30% before the nerf). I would also grind a f..load every day, not only for consumeables but also just for the fun of it, mostly soloing stuff like DM North, Winterspring for the Eye of Shadow and so on.
    I was an achievement whore, so i grinded alot of Rep, got all patterns for my proffesions etc, etc.

    In Cata my passion for the game burned out, I had played the game too much I believe and I focused on other things like school and was in the military for 8 months. I tried coming back in WoD, and also raided Blackrock Foundry on Mythic, but the game wasn’t as I remembered it, and I quit the retail game there.

    This is my first private server experience, but its already more fun than I anticipated, even though the server is very crowded πŸ˜€
    I cleared MC with DANES before the leadership abandoned ship and I am now looking for a new guild where I can forfill my raid craving.

    I never did much PvP, only to get the somewhat PvE bonusses such as 10% price reduction and some gear, but I never really liked the BG farming.

    What is your proudest moment in WoW?

    That would be when I got Server First Sunwell achievement in late TBC, huge moment that I wont forget. (tbh I saved the raid by spotting the orb and blinking to it, when no other class would have gotten to it fast enough)

    Past Guilds (if any) and why did you leave? (Vanilla, retail, private, tell us everything!)

    I dont remember all the guild I have been in, in retail, but i do remember the raid experience with most of the guilds:
    Resolve (Dentarg): Did MC, BWL, AQ (up to Twins), Naxx(some bosses in each wing). – alot of peopple quit when TBC launched
    Borealis (Dentarg): Gruul, Karazan, SSC, Tempest Keep, BT (first couple of bosses) – guild died out due to leadership issues
    Reign (Quel’Thalas): BT(all), Sunwell(server first), Everything in WotLK (Immortal achieve from Naxx-25, did Ulduar on hardmode, HC IceCrown) – I had to start to focus on more serious things in life, such as education and couldn’t raid as hardcore anymore.

    I cant remember the guild I was in, in WoD, it wasn’t that serious for me, but I did some Mythic BRF with them.

    What sets you apart from the rest?

    What sets me apart is that I have a great passion for this game. I have great knowledge, due to my high played time in retail vanilla. I have always played Mage (though I was a tank in early MC and early BWL days) so my class knowledge is also very extensive.

    Would you be interested in rerolling to another class to join Metastasis if we don’t need your current class?

    At the moment I dont have any plans to reroll since my mage is my passion. Though I would consider it, if it was needed by the guild. I dont have any alts at the moment, so a reroll wouls take some time.

    Which one would that be?

    If I had to make an Alt to become a raiden char, it would probably be a warroior, as tank or dps, or a Hunter.

    How experienced are you with that one?

    I have tanked MC and BWL (cleared), so I do have some experience with that. I have also tanked in expansions but always as an alt. As for a hunter I dont have also raided with such one in Cata and MoP (though mostly just normal due to lack of time)

    Tell us about yourself. Who are you behind your character?

    I am a 26 year old gamer from Denmark. I have been gaming the most of my life (13-now). I am studying Marine Engineering at Denmarks Technical University. My life is very different from when I was a hardcore raider, with a girlfriend and almost an education now, which impacts the “off time” I have between raids.

    Do you have any extra talents that could benefit Metastasis?

    I guess I can both follow and give orders. My time in the military (The Royal Guards) taught me alot of desciplene. In my education we have alot of leadership courses that have taught me alot about leading people, though mostly in IRL projects, some of the models would be usefull in a game. Sidenote: I was mage classleader in the guild Borealis, though that was a long time ago :).

    Add more info about yourself:

    My 2 IRL friends, Heimdall and Pamala are also applying. This is an individual aplication, but a bond of 3 dedicated players would strenghten a guild raidcore.


    Contact information:
    Discord name:

    Bylbalon #9718

    In-game name:



    Additional information:
    Do you have working microphone?

    Yes, and not afraid to speak, when neccesary.

    Are you active outside of the game ?(Discord and forums

    Mostly if there is some important stuff, that needs my reaction, though i always find it interresting to lurk πŸ˜‰

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    Hello and welcome.

    Contact @esrath, to get you sorted either ingame or on our discord


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