Metastasis Experience


  • We have a strong leadership with experienced leaders, clearing all Vanilla PVE content
  • Serious, yet relaxed, raiding environment
  • Operating on the Highest levels in PVP (Premade PVP, World PVP)

Become a part of community with other skilled and communicative players!

  • We welcome you to join our discord for a chat with the officers before applying to the guild.
  • We are looking to expand our core with other communicative players who have a High level of attendance.


  • Ready for Raiding;
  • Knowledge of the game and your class/ role;
  • Preparation for raids: Pre-raid BIS gear, consumables for each raid, etc…
  • High Attendance on scheduled raids (90%+);
  • Have a friendly attitude, eager to learn and improve yourself, while also accepting criticism;
  • Teamplay and cooperation;
  • 0% tolerance for Drama;
  • Activity on Discord and in Game.

What we can offer YOU:

  • The Metastasis experience;
  • Clearing all PVE content;
  • Becoming part of a family/ community;
  • Strong leadership with a track-record on the Highest levels in PVE and PVP;
  • Officers with years of experience;
  • Great environment: friendly and funny;
  • Active and approachable members and leaders;
  • An active and well managed Discord where you feel welcome;
  • Fair Loot Council which rewards your commitment and activity;
  • Quality of Life services, such as: “Class delegating system”, “Raid sign up application”, “Updated website”, “Guild forums”, etc…
  • World PVP as an Un’Goro Crater farming, etc

Raid times:

  • Mandatory raids, SUNDAY – MONDAY, 19:00 – 23:00 CET (+-30 min reserve time)
  • Optional raids handled by guild, Floating Days 19:00 – 23:00 CET (+-30 min reserve time)

Where to apply:

  • Apply by contacting an officer

We are looking forward to meeting you, don’t forget to hop on our discord for chat. 

Vesperwin – GM of <Metastasis>